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Snipers vs Thieves (Unreleased)

Publish Date: November 21, 2016
Updated Date: July 15, 2019 in 11:00 am
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Snipers vs Thieves (Unreleased) – A fun game about four thieves and one sniper. At first glance, this is the usual shooting, but it is not so! You have to choose who to play for a thief, or for a sniper. Sniper task clear to us, to shoot all until the police arrived. However, for a thief everything is changing dramatically, and your task is to escape! At the same time just to run does not work, you need to move from cover to cover, and not to fall under the shot. Just what would trigger it, you can shoot ape, and even improve a variety of items, and then maybe you can win.


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  1. Rodrigo 12.02.2017 in 11:42

    Problen in enter te game

  2. Amr 08.03.2017 in 13:38

    After download and unzip file cash for snipers vs thieves…What do I do with it pls help

  3. Amr 08.03.2017 in 13:40

    Cache sorry


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