Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders 2

Sky Gamblers – Storm Raiders 2

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The description

Atypical Games has always been one of the best when it comes to simulations. Moreover, every time it confirms this in practice. After the modern Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets flight simulator, in Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2 the company returned to World War II, as this war is an inexhaustible treasure trove for air and ground battles.


In Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2 you can take part in various battles on the theme of WWII: Pearl Harbor, Kursk, London and other maps are waiting for their players. It is worth noting that the “Campaign” mode, although it contains several missions, is not interconnected in a plot and is intended more likely for you to adapt to the world, planes and controls in the game.

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Speaking of airplanes. There are a lot of them. Forty to be more precise. In addition, they all divided into classes: combat, bombers, aces, legends and jet. Among them, you will find both German and Japanese, and, of course, Russian models, including the well-known attack aircraft IL-2. In addition, they can be improved and customized appearance at will.

To acquire a particular airplane for use, you need to get a certain level of experience and have money with you. Well, or “cheat”, as the developers told me, and buy all the planes using in-game purchases.

Gameplay and management

Management is done more or less normal. You have three options: using a gyroscope, a virtual joystick, and an MFI controller. We are most familiar with a virtual joystick, but saw a slight inconvenience: the speed control is on the left, and the flight direction control is on the right. In this case, in the settings you can change the location of all buttons except the last.

However, Atypical Games has no problems with the graphics in Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2. Airplanes and the world around them look almost like real ones, only you wonder. Especially if you recall the graphics in “Escape from Chernobyl”, which was also not the worst, but still…

Most of all we liked Norway: huge forests in the mountains; lakes on which small houses stand … and all this is done in the smallest details (as far as phone resources allow, of course).


We would like to dwell on a multiplayer game. You can play in eight modes with 13 other players or bots. In principle, the set of modes is standard: two types of team and single combat, base defense, flag capture, reconnaissance and survival. The intelligence mode is designed to explore the beautiful surrounding world, and survival will push you against the waves of opponents. The connection to the network should be good, we did not notice any lags in online version of Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2.

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders 2 2

Our summary

Seriously, if you haven’t played Sky Gamblers on Android, then you must do it now, because there are already two great games from this series in my memory (and in fact there are already 6): “Infinite Jets” for lovers of modern aircraft and Storm Raiders 2 for lovers of the classics.

The new game, like its predecessor, has excellent graphics and time-tested gameplay and will give you an unforgettable experience of flying.

However, as we wrote above, it lacks a full-fledged story campaign and is lame in management (however, we are sure that it will improve over time), but they are not able to spoil the impression of the game.

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