Sister Location

Sister Location

Publish Date: September 28, 2016
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Sister Location – this is the name of the next horror from Scott Coughton, which have recently become known for more details. The network has the first trailer for the game, although it does not disclose the details of the gameplay, however, shows us some of the features of the upcoming development. It seems Coughton decided to depart from the standard Screamer towards more sophisticated ways to frighten gamers.

Sister Location has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.
  1. [email protected] 31.10.2016 in 22:00

    Wow this really stinks

  2. [email protected] 31.10.2016 in 22:01

    I don’t like this app

  3. Timothy Hall 12.11.2016 in 19:58

    Hay is it coming out


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