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Real Space Atomic Racer 3D

Publish Date: November 19, 2016
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Real Space Atomic Racer 3D sets a new standard for mobile racing games with endless journey. Take your racing skills to next level in space tunnel with the #1 mobile racing experience. Drive your rocket aircraft by avoiding the space stoppers, avoid hitting red stopper shields and take blue color booster shields and maintain your rocket aircraft health by taking green color shields. Close calls will give you the bonus score. There are three space rocket models available in Real Space Atomic Racer 3D – AV8 Gempita aircraft, Demolishor aircraft and Meagtron aircraft. Each rocket aircraft has their own powers like speed, ability and scoring. Unlock the remaining two rockets with earned atoms. You never dare to drive so fast in the real world but here in space tunnel you can. Experience the space tunnel 3D race with eye catching graphics. There are various missions like collect two heal pickups, play for atleast 60 seconds, break 8 stoppers etc. Real Space Atomic Racer 3D will take you to a different racing platform with smooth drive.


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