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Project IGI: Im Going In

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The description

Project I.G.I .: I’m Going In is an arcade stealth first-person shooter developed by Innerloop studios. The game can be considered the progenitor of current stealth projects, such as Hitman or Splinter Cell. At the time of release, it was one of the first spy fighters. Game did not have amazing graphics, but it was able to win the hearts of gamers with her amazing gameplay. The protagonist is experienced spy David Jones, who also served in the special forces in the past. After being wounded, he began to work for the I.G.I. group, whose goal is to search for the arms dealer Joseph Priboy, and also to prevent the terrorist from bringing chaos and panic. As such, there is no plot, the whole game is based on 14 missions, in each of which you need to stop the smugglers, defuse the bomb or destroy the enemies. Though formally Project I.G.I. is an arcade shooter, it can be called a full-fledged stealth. The game does not have the ability to save, for hardcore players, this can be a positive quality. Even if you made a mistake at the very end of the mission, you will have to go through again from the very beginning. Another hallmark of Project I.G.I. is an endless spawn of enemies, so you have to take into account all the risks and choose the safest path to pass. Despite the fact that raising the alarm threatens a failed mission, there are only 2 silent weapons in the game: a knife and MP5 with a silencer. In order to scout the terrain and find out the location of the opponents, the developers added binoculars and a navigation computer that can show even the weak points of the enemy’s base.

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Category Action
Latest Version 1.1
Publish Date 13.06.2020