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The description

Pokémon GO is a cult adventure project that has captured gamers around the world and has become a real phenomenon. It served as the reason for the creation of a mass of clones, and also demonstrated the gemdev features of augmented reality, as well as the correct use and application of geography. Join millions of Pokemon trainers and embark on a journey through the real world combined with the virtual. Catch the wards, train, fight in PvP mode, chat with other participants and enjoy walks in the fresh air.

Pokemon GO is a great simulator with RPG elements and augmented reality mode, where you have to go in search of Pokemon.

First of all, after the start of the game, you need to create your hero, after which you can go to the streets of the city in order to find and catch as many Pokemon as possible. You can also pump wards and take part in battles against bots and real players. As mentioned earlier, the game uses augmented reality. In other words, at the time of catching Pokemon, a camera is activated, which allows you to immerse yourself in this unusual world and watch funny creatures in the first person.

To catch a new Pokemon, you need pokeballs. You cannot just find a creature and get it. You need to get to him as close as possible and throw a pokeball at him. Remember that these shells are limited and, if you miss, there may not be a second chance.

Pokemon can be pumped in special rooms. Not only the power of your character depends on the level of pumping, but also the probability of winning against a random player. If you like to walk and you have a lot of free time, then definitely try Pokemon GO, but remember that the game requires a constant Internet connection.

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Updated 29.05.2020
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Latest Version 0.175.3 b2020052701
Publish Date 18.01.2017
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