Maruta Escape

Publish Date: March 12, 2019
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Maruta Escape — this is a game in the genre of “stealth puzzle” with elements of time distortion, in which every second counts, sometimes twice! You’re being held in an anti-utopian facility where people are being experimented on. Your sudiba experimental foregone conclusion, if you can’t run from the patrol drones and robots, which look in every corner and haunt you from the shadows. To succeed, you will have to choose your path carefully, break through security checkpoints and avoid enemy traps, making your way from one difficult level to the next. When you get caught (and you get caught!), time will slow down. At the same time, if the time distortion scale is full, you can rewind the time and try again, choosing a different path and a different strategy to avoid collision with opponents. But be quick and decisive! You have to cope before the time distortion scale is empty and you find yourself in real time!

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