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Little Mage – Little Mage’s Journey

Publish Date: February 28, 2019
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Little Mage – Little Mage’s Journey — here you will help the wizard to go through dangerous dungeons to kill the dragon. Once upon a time there was a magician who wanted to test the limits of his magical powers. He was completely confident and unafraid of any monster. All who challenged him were defeated, but now our hero is faced with a merciless dragon and only thanks to you, he will defeat a formidable enemy. The gameplay requires action from the players, there will not just stand still, continuously Dodge the attacks of monsters and use spells.

Go through hundreds of dungeons filled with various dangers, with each cleaned dungeon your hero will become even stronger. Unlock more weapons and enlist the support of Pets to resist unique monsters. Even in the Android game Little Mage you can create your own style through a variety of outfits and items of equipment, go to the bosses with the players and participate in PvP battles.


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