Last Pirate: Island Survival

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The description

Last Pirate: Island Survival – a cool adventure project in which several popular mechanics and scenery were combined at once. Gamers will act as a pirate, whose ship was thrown onto a tropical shore after a terrible storm. Nearby is the city where his loved ones live and he went there for help. Only now, revived corpses roam the village. Without preparation, do not get inside. So all that remains is to set up a camp in the forest and survive until the character gains experience and obtains the weapons necessary for battles with cadavers.

Last Pirate: Island Survival is a high-quality three-dimensional survival simulator on an abandoned island.

The island on which the protagonist will be uninhabited, you can meet the walking dead on it, who will terrorize the protagonist at night. As always, the main goal of the project is built around the extraction of resources, crafting weapons, items and tools that will help the protagonist survive and hold out as much time as possible.

You need to understand that the main character of the game is an ordinary person and he needs both food and water. To everything else, we learn that the protagonist of this game is a pirate and instead of a second hand he has a fairly functional hook. It allows you to: felling trees, mining ore and stone, breaking small barrels and opening chests with valuable items / game currency. To quench your thirst, you can use coconut, which will also allow the character to get enough and give time to look for new food.

The collected trees and stone will help in the manufacture of the first shelter, where you can place all your savings. The game has a lot of labor tools and weapons, which will allow to obtain new resources and fight off the crowd of monsters. By the way, not only former people will attack you at night, animals also became wild and can attack from the back and cripple the protagonist at any time. The game has an interesting idea, a fascinating plot and gorgeous graphics, but the gameplay itself is boring and repeats many games in this direction, without adding absolutely nothing new to the genre, unfortunately.

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Updated 01.06.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 0.554
Publish Date 08.11.2018
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