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The description

Johnny Trigger is the coolest action game in which gamers will enjoy the extravaganza of shots, explosions, acrobatic sketches in the spirit of Hollywood action movies, as well as other spectacular moments that will not leave indifferent any fan of the high dynamics of intense shootings. The main character, well armed, went to eliminate criminals of all stripes that flooded the streets of the city. The search for those who lead him will lead him through the most different corners of the village and provide opportunities for demonstrating their impressive abilities and funny mistakes due to the unusual model of physics.

Johnny Trigger is a casual arcade game where you play as a special agent and destroy terrorists around the world.


The game is divided into levels and on each you need to destroy all enemies using an ordinary gun for this. You will have only one attempt to deal with armed opponents and if you make a mistake, the ward will immediately get a bullet in the forehead.


The character moves around the location on his own, he runs with a gun in his hands, and as soon as enemies appear in his path he makes a jump. At this moment, time slows down, a sight appears and the player only needs to press the screen in time to kill the opponent. Do not forget that to miss is an unacceptable luxury. The controls are controlled by ordinary pressing the screen, which allows you to take a shot and send a bullet straight to the head of your enemy. Difficulty grows from level to level, there are more and more enemies, and shooting at them will not be as easy as in the initial stages.

In addition to simple enemies, you will come across bosses on the way, they are armed with cool guns and have a larger supply of health, one accurate shot will not be enough. Passing levels allows you to earn bucks that will go to buy new weapons and skins. Skins add variety to the game, and new weapons, with more confidence, successfully complete the next mission.

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Updated 23.05.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.9.3
Publish Date 26.12.2019
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