Into the Dead 2

Last version: 1.41.0

Into the Dead 2 – the continuation of a cool rail first-person shooter in a zombie apocalypse. The sequel took from the first part all the best and significantly added in size and quality, as well as got many interesting gameplay features. The main character needs help in walking a long distance. Moreover, it is advisable to travel for a minimum amount of time. The character needs to be in time with his family in order to save and protect her from the unfolding nightmare. Arm yourself, move. sweep any obstacle or threat out of your way and do not hesitate for a second.

Into the Dead 2 – the second part of the popular zombie runner with a first-person view, where you again awaiting exciting gameplay and meeting new enemies.

The plot of the game tells us about a certain hero who apparently lost his family, he no longer has a car, only a walkie-talkie that allows you to contact his wife. In addition, the hero found a gun that will help fight off the first wave of bloodthirsty monsters and walk a short distance. Naturally, the number of cartridges is limited and it is not worth wasting them.

The gameplay has received several interesting modes. The campaign, as expected, is divided into several dozen levels. At each level, you will have five specific tasks, and not necessarily in one attempt to complete them all. The most important thing is to successfully cross the finish line. The distance to be covered is indicated in the upper left corner.

Completing missions allows you to get game currency, gold, as well as spare parts and amplifiers. The latter allows you to: increase the number of rounds in the store, speed up reloading, and also increase the stamina of the protagonist. Swipes and taps along the edges of the display will act as controls. The second part became more interesting in terms of graphics, new tasks appeared, a large arsenal of weapons and monsters, but the gameplay remained practically unchanged.

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This game is free or not
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