I Am City Hero

I am City Hero

Publish Date: July 17, 2019
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I am City Hero — exciting strategy in the genre of tower defense, which will take place in a magical world filled with monsters and magic spells. Fight mercilessly! Players will go to a very unusual city filled with monsters and ghosts, of which there are many. As it turned out, these creatures are very evil and so they begin to attack the base of the main character. Try to resist these forces and arm your defense. Place on the perimeters of as many towers of defensive value and improve the tower. This will help to fend off the attacks of enemies and you can also call the legendary hero to fight, so he dealt with the bosses ghosts. Take advantage of a wide variety of items, weapons, towers and characters to have superiority over opponents. In the process of moving around the world to Protect the Ghost town will need to win about three dozen cool bosses and make it impossible to be difficult.

Feature of game:

  • Stunning genre that combines Tower Defense and RPG;
  • Several exciting modes;
  • Set of special towers and traps;
  • About 30 serious bosses and their predecessors.

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