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Horrorfield – a great cooperative with elements of PvP action inviting gamers to become direct participants in the average horror movie. An isometric chamber, a labyrinth stuffed with traps, various objects, weapons, places where you can hide, 4 people who didn’t voluntarily come here and one maniac who decided to hunt another meat. He is incredibly strong and practically invulnerable, so that players are required to act in concert and together, the only way to survive and find a way to get rid of their waking nightmare.

Horrorfield is a real-time survival simulator where the player chooses who he is – a victim or a merciless maniac.
The development of actions in the game completely depends on the chosen side. We have to perform a variety of tasks, trying to either survive, or, conversely, to catch other players and make them suffer. The gameplay is interesting, but at the same time simple, location design is done at the highest level, and sound effects and background music will not let you get bored.

In each new game four completely different users take part, they are victims and one random maniac. Number one challenge is survival. Of course, you can try to hide behind one of the shelters and wait for the end of the game, but most likely you will be found and hung upside down on sharp hooks. You need to move around the location, repair engines that will help unlock the gate and get out. At this time, the maniac will quickly inspect the locations and if he finds a victim, then he will most likely catch up and put him in a cage.

Regardless of whether you lose or win, each player will receive experience points and currency. All this is spent on pumping up the abilities and skills of your wards. Movement speed, generator recovery speed, endurance, and much more. The gameplay is gradually being transformed, the complexity is increasing, and the player will become more cunning and catching them will not be so simple.

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Updated 02.06.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.2.10
Publish Date 22.01.2018
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