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The description

Happy Wheels is a ruthlessly amusing and obscene-fascinating racing project in which the laws of physics and the madness of developers reign. Players will act as a human-powered wheeled vehicle driver. Bicycles, wheelchairs and other similar items will roll and roll, fall and crash, die under the press and render in other unpleasant conditions. Like their passengers. So, gamers will need incredible dexterity and readiness for the most unusual situations (logic and common sense can not even be sought) in order to rush to an exciting pastime for many hours.

Happy Wheels is a fun casual arcade game with realistic physics and dangerous obstacles.

You will control a character who moves with the help of an unusual vehicle and tries with all his might to get to the end of the track. The funny thing is how the character reacts to falls from various heights, and often this is accompanied by broken limbs and a sea of ​​blood.

As mentioned earlier, the main task of the user will be successful movement along the level and crossing the finish line. It is not necessary that the hero get to the finish line safe and sound, the main thing is to spend a minimum of time. First you have to drive a Segway, then a wheelchair, a lawn mower, a bicycle and other vehicles. A variety of obstacles, traps and mechanisms that can destroy the ward will appear on your way, it is worth being a little more careful. As a control, you will use the buttons that are located on both sides of the screen. Some are responsible for adjusting the incline during the flight, while others are responsible for the direction of movement.

The game turned out to be moderately cruel, interesting and incredibly dynamic. Only occasionally, some of the levels will have to be passed from the very beginning. In general, Happy Wheels left behind only positive emotions and will be interesting to you if you have a couple of free minutes per day.

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Updated 07.06.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.0.7
Publish Date 08.06.2019
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