Half-Life: AoMDC

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The description

Half-Life: AoMDC (Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut) – 2007 modification for the original game. The plot tells the players the story of David Leatherhoff, who is trying to get rid of addiction. Due to large doses of this drug, various illusions appear in front of him, his favorite dreams flash, and hallucinations pierce the most hidden fears. The hero is trying to get rid of this addiction, so he goes to the hospital. Before that, he again enters the bathtub, where there is another pack of those same painkillers …

Taking the pills in the hospital again, the main character falls into the depths of his mind. Walking around his dark corners of consciousness, David realizes that he needs to wake up as soon as possible. Having recovered after the action of the pills, David looks around the hospital and realizes that all the patients and workers have disappeared somewhere, and the sun has long set. However, the lights in the hospital still burn. Something is wrong here … He begins his investigation, armed with a kitchen knife.

The gameplay is a movement from location to location with a passing study of various clues scattered throughout the hospital. Naturally, there is also an element of the shooter, as in the original game. Opponents are zombies, headcrabs, black dogs, and other dangerous opponents. In one of the segments of the game, Lezerhoff will be chased by the police. For protection, you have the opportunity to use firearms, the assortment is quite large: the well-known Desert Eagle, MP5 rapid-firing, the legendary Kalashnikov 47 and other models.

Given your actions, the game will choose one of four endings. The graphics are pretty tolerable for 2007. If you love various stories related to hallucinations, then this project will give you a bunch of new emotions. Get ready to travel in your mind!

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Updated 12.06.2020
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