Fire Panda

Publish Date: April 24, 2019
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Fire Panda — a dynamic and colorful arcade shooter for Android devices. Once upon a time there was a wonderful and prosperous Kingdom in the far East, but from time to time they were threatened by a tribe of nomadic dogs, which they called “Mongols”. Therefore, the rulers decided to protect their Kingdom with a powerful and impressive wall that ran along the border of their entire territory. Locals call this building the great Wall. But during the public holiday, the Mongols suddenly decided to attack the Kingdom, and your character will do everything to prevent the realization of the plans of the enemy and hit them over the border wall.

You will find amazing, colorful and detailed graphics, dynamic gameplay, lots of levels, fights with deadly bosses and a lot of fun. Collect bonuses, destroy enemies one by one, thanks to comfortable and intuitive controls. Unlock collectible items, costumes and hats for your character, which you can earn for successfully completing levels.


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