Drone Shadow Strike 3

Drone: Shadow Strike 3

Publish Date: May 21, 2019
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Drone: Shadow Strike 3 — controlling high-tech drones you will destroy enemy targets from the air. Welcome to the continuation of an exciting war game, the gameplay of which combines strategy and dynamic battles filled with action. Take control of the world’s best military drones and successfully complete secret missions using modern weapons, including homing missiles, machine guns, etc. You will fly around the area, find targets and eliminate them, but you will have to act quickly, otherwise the enemy will notice you and try to destroy.

The third part of the Android game Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is a war in different climatic conditions: sand storms, fog, etc., so use night vision and other observation modes. You will also earn experience points and get levels passing tasks, unlock various drones and an Arsenal of weapons for them. Continued got improved sound effects and visualization, here is a clear touch control and leaderboards, where you will compete with players from different countries. Prove that you are the best military drone operator by playing this exciting action.

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