Defender Z

Publish Date: April 24, 2019
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Defender Z — continuation of the series Defender, this time you need to protect the city and the whole world from the crowds of the dead. A failed experiment leads to the fact that a deadly virus is at large. It is extremely active and is spreading rapidly from one city to another. Infected lose all ability to think, become very aggressive and eventually turn into zombies. You as one of the survivors to save the ruined city, because only you are the last line of defense between people and the dead. Clean one area of the city after another, for this use large-caliber machine guns and auxiliary weapons, including grenades, airstrikes and so on. The main goal is to hold out for a while, destroying a large number of enemies that will move on you. Defenders is more than 25 types of zombie enemies, powerful weapons with the possibility of further modernization and clear gameplay.


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