Dawn Of Zombies

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Publish Date: July 19, 2018
Updated Date: July 14, 2019 in 5:04 pm
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DoZ: Survival is an online MMO survival simulator on the anomalous Territories after the nuclear apocalypse. The apocalypse is called “Z”. “Day Z”.

You will be greeted by the open world of the game, in which you will build and defend your Vault. The game is free – adventures are waiting!

– Hardcore survival game about survival on the post-nuclear Earth
– Free online sandbox
– Massive PvP online battles between players
– Abnormal zones and artifacts
– Cooperative game and survival at locations
– The Raid of the Dead
– Over 60 quest NPCs, 12 factions and hundreds of quests
– Craft, an advanced system of creating objects
– Development and protection of the database online
– Dynamic change of day – play night and day

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