CUBG: Car Unknows Battle Ground

Publish Date: June 5, 2019
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CUBG: Car Unknows Battle Ground — royal battle on Android with the difference that the battles take place on the machines. Get behind the wheel of one of the vehicles, equipping it with missiles, laser systems, railguns, plasma guns and other weapons. At the same time, you can not shoot from one weapon, and immediately take advantage of all its combat Arsenal. The rest of the battle rules are standard, you appear in one of the locations of a huge territory, drive a car and open fire on the cars of other players. Naturally, you need to constantly be in the security zone and not to go beyond it. The winner is the player who was able to hold out until the end and was the last. In the future updates of the project CUBE developers will add more game content to make it even more interesting to spend time playing.

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