Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is positioned as a zombie shooter on Android and an addition to the main game. This is a high-quality port for mobile platforms in which high quality graphics and all the gameplay chips were preserved. Moreover, all this is a real find for fans of the zombie massacre.

The player is offered to stay in the role of a lone fighter with zombies of evil spirits, which spread to all residential areas and defeated military bases. The main goal of such survival is to meet with other survivors. There is a difficult path through crowds of infected people and periodic battles with powerful bosses, before which you can usually find a box with a good arsenal for a more advanced battle. You can “fight” with infected people in a variety of ways: in the player’s arsenal there will be both an ordinary knife or a sharp object, and powerful machine guns and live grenades — any weapon will be effectively used against the crowd.

Game plot

After Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies APK download Users are offered to try on the role of a fighter, who almost alone has to fight with the bloodthirsty zombies that flooded everything around. A whole army of bloodthirsty walking dead walks through the streets, in houses and apartments, and even at protected military bases.

Nevertheless, if most people really turned into creatures, then some of them were still alive. You need to clear your way and get to a handful of survivors.

Zombies will attack in waves, periodically zombie bosses will meet. By the way, the meeting can be “guessed” by the nearest cache with powerful weapons.


The single company in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on Android is not the only entertainment, because multiplayer was also provided. It represents an opportunity to fight side by side with real people against the expanding threat of zombies, simultaneously communicating in voice chat. The single mode is needed rather for training and studying the gameplay and the possibilities of different types and sizes of zombies, before a real battle over the network with real players.

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Please kipt on bandos
Please kipt on bandos
File for cof box
what will happen if I copy and paste without unzipping the file into the android obb. please replay pleaser.
Apk file won't download
I do not know
Bekarr gamee
I hope it's the new version smh
Como se le pone los datos a call of duty black ops zombie el nombre q se le pone a los datos...??¡¡
We got adele here fam
Use Zarchiver
am Zambian
Fuk u fukk u fukk u
sangat keren game game nya
Only local multiplayer works
To play just download the data file and apk and download zarchiver from play store go to download folder open the data file and copy it into Android obb folder and then install apk and play there will be another small download after opening the game
Lovit but multiplayer doesn't Anna a work
where is the password
Bodo Amat:v Yg Penting Jokowi Jdi Presiden Lagi:veekekekek
اتمنى لك التوفيق
Wow! Racist!
For what what the hell gy fuck off
Hey guys for those who are confuse for downloading after you download the one file unzip it using z archiver then after that there must be no error and next cut the obb go to android obb paste it there picture of the game will appear there and exit and enjoy the game
How to put the cache
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That's what uncle's are for right...
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Okay, not a random Indian thinking he's badass because he's downloading apks. But seriously, does this shit work or not? I don't want to waste my time downloading files sending them to obb to be told I'm fucked and I need to purchase it.
Hello there am 12 years old and my ass cheeks just got claped by my uncle
warheadif this dont work dis is fuckry And unuh fi tek down dis bbc
Komennya kaga jelas coeg The comment section is fucking ridiculous. Fucking indians thinking they could talk in english... dumb fucks deserve to die by the billions
Come at me bro
Ik I been looking the right one for a while
I needs offline games .
Suno na!! Maa chodo apani...
It won't download
I had to download the additional files through the apk. The OBB file from this site didn't work
Hello how old you have to be for this game? Can somebody please tell me
It won't work for me.
Ücretlimi ücretsiz mi
Are you fucking retarded you dipshit it's not the upload it's the game itself plus did you expect it to have console or PC graphics you dumbass?!?!
In the arcade mode no shows the butons
It works?!?!
can I put it on my ppsspp
How it work and plea y.
This is a good game but it's graphics are not that good you should increase the quality of the game Thanks
Yeah. U need to put it in the obb file Right? Then what?
where can i put the zip file???.
how to install.. it seems need wifi or internet
Rules DONT ANYTHING TO REPLY ASSHOLE!!!!!??????!! :-) :-)###!#@(:
Thanks for doing this ^^ I had no problem with downloading it, took about 4 minutes. Thank you! 
the zip file?
Kia hoa
Where is the password
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