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Bully: Anniversary Edition is a game that has become one of the most popular in the Rockstar lineup. And the port to Android platform has also become a real hit. The plot is based on the life of the troubled schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins. That is what you will manage throughout the game. The main character will face many injustices at school. Corrupt teachers, arrogant students – this is only a small part of such a mess that occurs in an educational institution.

Your task is to prove that you are not just a whipping boy. You will not be a victim, but you will do everything to put in place the presumptuous teachers or arrogant students. You will definitely like how you can play everyone and everyone here. The game is not without its love line. There is an opportunity to “hook” one of the local beauties.


Here at the center of the relationship is only brute force. By the way, not only schoolchildren became adherents of cruel rules. The player of Bully: Anniversary Edition himself will try on the skin of a young bully. He should adapt to new conditions in order to continue to commit atrocities with impunity. The user will have to repulse the hooligans, establish their own rules, steal other people’s things, and dirty up in the most sophisticated ways.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg”, but the player has many other opportunities to prove himself. The main thing is to gain popularity so that your authority is recognized by schoolchildren of different groups: athletes, nerds, pitching. It is necessary to act in a comprehensive manner, that is, to win high popularity among all at once!

Job system

In Bully: Anniversary Edition our hero has to participate in school dismantling, go to classes, be responsible for pranks and absenteeism (teachers prescribe punishments). You are given the opportunity to write words, solve problems and set chemical experiments, show sports achievements. The result of the task depends on the timeliness of execution; the clock can be seen in the corner. Keeping track of time is especially important after lights out.

Game process

Fighting back against hooligans, enforcing your own rules, stealing things, doing dirty tricks in the classroom using chemical reagents is just a small part of what you have to do in Bully: Anniversary Edition! It is important to gain popularity among different groups of schoolchildren (nerds, athletes, jocks, just plain ones). Moreover, it will be necessary to act not selectively, but in a complex way – you need to gain high popularity among everyone!

The game implements an exciting system of tasks, which include participating in a showdown with other students, attending classes, performing punishments from teachers for absenteeism and pranks. Speaking of classes. It is enough to download Bully: Anniversary Edition on your Android device, and you will be able to solve puzzles, make words, participate in sports competitions, put experiments in the chemistry room.

A feature of the gameplay is also a clear reference tasks to time. A clock is always located in the corner, tracking the time by which is especially important after the lights out.

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Thnx its working good thnx a lot
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Nab...download the OBB file...don't blame the website..they have provided everything..or blame your phone
Wow 10.8 mb for apk it dosent install u Bitch woe such a great website I Did EVERY FUCKING THING AND IT DOSENT INSTALL THE APK FILE WTF
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My bully not download for my phone how teach me help please i giv you 1000 gem in mobile legends please
Bully is not working in my phone with 6gb ram and 128gb storage and processor of snapdragon 710
Filenya sudah didownload
Blm dipasang ceachnya
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Ekstrak sama di kompres sama gak?
Udah di download tapi masih gabisa gimana caranya?
Yang udah bisa ada yg mau bantu aku ga gimana instalnya :(
Apa nama pasword bully untuk mengekstrak???
Emang suka kaya gitu kalo download di dalem gtu mah kalo mau download game itu langsung sma data nya
Download cache
download obb nya dulu
Gfdssft yang mudik gratis software nya
Suck mah deck pers
Ilove bully 
Kènapa tidak bisaaaaa
kamu harus lengkap semua terutama.data itu diexstrak.lalu nanti muncul com.rokcstar game.lalu yang ini. com rokcstarnya tadi di teken sampai muncun beberapa kata nanti disitu ada tulisan potong terus pindah di obb.lalu kamu exstrak.selesai deh selam anda bermain
Aku suka game apa saja
Please l game bully
Saya sudah pernah download tapi saat saya buka gamenya download failed
Klo udah di download gimana caranya suka download gagal
Saya buka kok gak bisa suruh download data terus saya pencet download kok tulisanya download failed.... Tolong yg bisa bantu saya
Paturo nman po please
Bakit Hindi ko po makita yung percentage ng dina download ko?
kok file rusak kenapa ya? padahal udah di download ada 2 file yg satu 1gb yg satunya 1.6gb,, la as diekstrac kok yg satu cuma 40mb kok bisa gitu,, padahal downloadngya lancar aja?
Downlod bully
cant download cache
Oooooowhhh makasi
Jogo excelente!!!! Obrigado Appmirror
Gimana caranya untuk mendownload nya ini
You download apk 41mb and odd 2.0gb in bully
Banyak sekalii mb nya di dowload
For gb file is not apen
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Itu klo download apk nya aj bisa?
Dowlod bully
Gimana cra domlotnya ko gabisa
Min kok udah ke download pas masuk ata peringatan seperti download failed terus harus download didalam game lagi?udah ditunggu juga ngga bisa bantu dong
باتاللنزولل للالتزام  واتمنى نت
Kamu download aplikasi zarchiver pas udah download Estrak filenya ke folder android masuk obb nah kamu estrak disitu kemudian main
carane pie njing
Apa nama
Not download
Why I can't to download the cache....please help me how to download the cache
Gimana sih cara mainya
1.97 gb file ko extract kro ya 9044741175 call karo
Gw kagak ngerti. Bisa lebih rinci kah
Kenapa sering berhenti apk nya
Ini gmna cara menginstalnya?
Ok than give me to fuck u
Thank You for the game
Where do we find obb folder
dow.nload es file explorer on google play store and extract the obb file into current path..and move it to obb file..and run the game it will play
I think it needs the cache to be in sdcard/Android/obb not internal storage/Android/obb my cell phone doesn't have a sd card slot and I gat the same problem
Download bully
Decompressed arti nya ekstrak
Bully (2)
Must be sd card? What if internal storage?
Lol just follow the instruction given
Work just fine on mi s2 support support
How did you install... please suggest me also....the game is not starting...please help
Very poor service.... extremely unhappy,the game did not run and it is saying that it could not find the resources....it is absolutely a waste of time and data...someone please suggest what to do now...I will be very grateful
We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You've done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you. Canute - Mikayla,
Hey there, You've done an excellent job. I'll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this web site. twangier [Ilene]
It works
It doesn't work at all... I did the instructions. -_-
Work Thanks
Gimana caranya download aplikasi nya game ini
Kompres atau ekstrak ni?
indog nub ml ama pubg..wkwk
What is the garapix of the bully game telll
Gimana caranya
C vkc. Cycvnvjvhkblnlbkc
Makannya hp jangan kentang, minta bapak gih beli hp bru
The gamz want run he say can t find ressource
Game wont load even though I turned off the wifi/internet... pls help
Don't turn on wifi when you launch the game
i put cache in obb folder but game still cant find resources?
Why is it nice then?
I love u
itu data di kompres trus pindah di android=>obb baru bisa main
Bro... Cache file how to set ? I mean in android Sd card Or Android moBile which location is best??
After i play the game for many times it force close and dont open even after clearing data and caches
It 's OK aaaa good
It's The Game Okay?
The apk is full of malware! Scan it on virustotal and check for yourself
Thank you it works in huawei
I have finish it
It does not work.I downloaded bully game of around 2gb.Waste of my time . Bc
I don't know what's going on coz am move the file to obb The Game Still Cannot Running?
Loe goblok berarti
Crash twinsanity you can do for Android apk please for give me this game for download free
Crash twinsanity you can do for Android apk please give me this game for download free
work 100%
you need to download file obb
yes of coursr
Dragon ball
Lepas download yang 40 mb tu..isntall dulu..lepastu download yg 2 gb tu...dah siap jangan buka dulu..lepastu pegi file bukak download tekan bully yg 2 gb tu..lepastu copy and paste dekat android (obb)..siap
Bully. Anniperikasi Edition
Bully. Anniperikasi
Uh guy'z I use galaxy grand prime can Play Bully on it please I need your help peace
Hey wazzup ya so everything cool
This guy'z are very funny ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa bitch ass niggaz
Easy to download
This is a great place to download games but it has a few liabilities Also all games cannot be downloaded such as GTA Chinatown wars. My suggestion would be that u remove the games out of ur site that do not function properly. I was advised this site by a you tube channel "tech and truth" this channel has got r site a lot of downloaders. And thisbsite is virus free.
File download
Caraca esse cara e bom entendi tudo é baixei pegou joguei muito e legal.
kenapa ya gamenya kluar sendiri??...
When i try always crash, i dunno know n i wanna know
I have downloaded but in obb folder there is no file exists in the name of com.rockstargames.bulley Please help me to get through this problem
Kenapa saya punya tk bisa ya
it crash how you manage to run
mind your word dude bich is wrong. .. its bict*
cool man... this game is not a fake game... download the game that writen - 2 GB
How you install it 
Under the bully apk It says ‘‘cache for bully 2GB''
i will downloading
Bully anniversary edition game 2 .74 GB APK . 41 MB
ini gimana ko saya gak bisa sudah download aplikasinya sama cache nya tapi tetep gak bisa? ada yg bisa bantu?
This game is bullshit, I follow the direction but still not working so that don't download this game because this game is fake!!!!!
Buto la menipu je
Hhvccgg Chubb .. bn. Bvvv
I Put The Obb File On Internal/Android/Obb Why The Game Still Cannot Running?
How can I download it
Ckccmvvmkaekjgfsjnzn vguigirpe
How to downloadhttps://youtu.be/iJ-UTEaKlP4 see this
Thank you so much for this game rock star i love it so much
Super game
Nice game
I'm still trying I'm never give up
Did u put the cache in the obb folder
Its working thanks ☺️
how did you do that?
Cheat nya gan
Hi can someone please tell me how to run it?
Please is it with cache torrent
When i finished download the data, and i open the app. Why Bully is already stopped? Ps: i already place the obb in folder
How did you do?
Won't download due to resources not being there and I have moved to one what do I do
Does it work
It working for me. Yahoo. Let's play
Yes this game works on 1gb ram.
try putting the cache file in the obb folder
Like this game
Vngfhgfgh. Ccvc
download on pc lol after download copy to smartphone lol
You should put cache file into obb folder which is located in android folder
make your brain work
Palsu !! Kga bisa di download ! FUCK!!
Time and data west!!
Bhai link khul nahi rahi help me bro
Finally it's working...thanks alot
hey where can i download cache  friend,please show me
its very slow when downloading
very slow to download cache
why cannot
How to dowonload when its 0pen
Hey!!my game is not starting..what to do...i extract file in sd card obb folder now what?
He is saying download fails because resources could not be found so what can i do please......my sir
I have done everything as explained above but whenever I am opening the game ,it says downloading failed unable to find the sources. Please help me
Bully is the most best game 
WTF is very slow site !!!!!!!;
Hello, I am having trouble installing this game . It shows download resource file but I have already downloaded the 2gb cache file and also the APK file still it shows like that please help me out
I like this website i can download paid game in this website
website has been bkm
duuxusuysduzyyzyzyzyzuuzux crazy
Bisa bang?
كيف يمكن 
This is work ? 
Please tell
Can this game work in 1GB ram phone
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Besar amat 2 gb
Great guys, this game is great game for android, and so easy used too
sorry but you are a fucking bich
sorry but you are a fucking bich
I have leagoo m5 are bully games are works my phone leagoo?
Where can i download that cache file ?
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force close please fix it :(
Create an obb folder
File corrupt!!! Dont download!!!!
Helo sir!! Can u help me.. My tablet doesnt have obb only data in the android file.. Wht can i do??
Mengapa setelah di download saat di buka mintak di download lagi tapi saya hidupkan data saluler kok masih gk bisa
What a fake website nothing works. It still says downloading resources not found.
Semma game g
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Me to!! Its too long.. To download!
lbraBRAHI miM
lbraBRAHI miM
Idk why ppl are calling this fake, I actually got bully, like on 3 different phones so, this is a trusted site
Trap download? Can someone confirm this?
Good afternoon! Tell me please in what way can I publish my application? Thanks beforehand.
its working in ASUS zenfone 4 max 5.5?
How to download
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Ithu apk doank gk pke data nya
Macam mana nak masuk di ad download di dalam bro
entah lah aku pun tak tau
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Bully kese karne ki
Chodo mujhe aaaahaaahha
Mai raand hu
I already download and install version 17 but its still FC please I just want it to play this game so bad ?
wow this really works but the downloading speed is super slow, install the apk first, then paste the file inside .rar in the obb file.
Best site to download game
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"download failed because the resources could not be found" why like this? someone help me, i want to playyyyy this game
A rock star game it's a real school game
Fico faltando 1 MB e não q funcionar o download fico 2,73GB alguem pode me ajuda
It's works I love this game 
Which one i should download
Thank you
Did you download the version 16? If you download it it will totally force closed
Cara download nya gimana sih plis kasih tau
Here how it works try to download bully and it's obb and then go install the apk once you installed it download zarchiver. And after it open the zarchiver go to download if you download on opera mini/browser/google/ you you can see download. But if you Download on uc browser you can see ucdownload next press hold on the obb file of bully and view it and once you did it copy it to to SD card/android/OBB and then done it will extract automatically so don't worry I just discover this and I'm just 11 yrs old from Philippines thanks
It is failed bro....it must me 2gb+
maan kay loray pehlay chalana seekh behen chodh
i dont know what always happens, whenever i leave the school game and wanna go somewere it exits
So many autistic fucks in the comments ??
Heavy game brw 
its force closing. what should i do please reply
Teng you
You need to put the cache in the obb folder in Android>obb then start the apk
Is this working in oppo neo7
It't Really Works
just download es file explorer and extract the zip file to device storage/android/obb. if there is not a folder obb then just create a folder named obb.
Download apk and Cache then i can play? Give me some help Please...>_>
Does this app come with the cheats if not do you know anyone that can find it for Android
Nice !!  thank you for the update !! . 
I actually got the escapists so stfu.
كيف تحمل
Bully anniversary edition is running sucsusfully thank-you
Gpu mali t720 which version r sutable my phone sir its Lenovo 7700 
Extract the files
Ayaw humana ng files at ng apk
اني جهازي جي2
ما اسم ملف حقobb
You must learn how to spell
No no No
Thank you for this game I really liked this websitea
after doing Cache for the game Bully: Anniversary Edition: folder from the archive to unpack in /sdcard/Android/obb/ Should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.bully/ The size of the decompressed cache 2.74 GB Install apk, run the game! some error occurd when i etract then i try to open the game black sreen and said download failed because resources could not found WTF is this
Great game
I already download the cache it's just 300mb+
this worked for me..... if anyone wahts to know how to download the game or hoe to install just msg me on facebook.... my username is - itsamn
how to down load cache ? please help me
Please any one say it will work
Bring that ass here boy your hairline did the splits nigga
Thank you guys its working just fine on my samsung s7 edge big hug...
download via torent great !
Must rename Bully-v1-0-0-17.zip -> Bully-v1-0-0-17.apk
Hey. I tried to extract file in the phone storage and sdcard both but it show error after extract the file. After that i install the apk. Games come on to the id log in page but after that it doesn't wanna work.
What is torrent
Nooo it isn't data it's obb
The bully is bigest game I licked him
Where are the permission for bully my game don't wanna go in it says bully has stopped kan iemand ASB my help
Berapa gk download
Speek in English i can't understand
Jaman mm mbona Niki download linakubali alafu kufunguka alitaki kwann 
Can we play this game in lollipop 5.1 android In play store the game is not working it's saying my devices is not compatible for this game 
The game stopped working on my device i wonder if it is my android version (4.4.2:KitKat) so im downloading the oldest version of bully ,hope it works :D <3
I have download bully and the cache and apk and make folder name .com. Rockstargames.bully on anroid. Obb and doest work what shoud i do
Just click the red button in which it is written cache for Bully anniversary edition.
How long for cache download someone please tell me
nice game it work great and good graphics nice controls in my list this is the 5 best game I ever had.
Hey Man don't download bully version it show error on extracting
Yeah me too
Try to delete the apk and install over, and go to your setting tap the apk name bully, tap clear data or clear cache then start your game. You must have a phone with 1-2 Gb memory ram, Adreno GPU 4-8 Gb free to internal and SDcard memory.
The game not launches because the main.11 file is working error. I will send this report so you can fix it or make a video how to fix it. I download the apk in the file in my computer, i use USB for transfering the apk and the OBB file, I tried to extract it to ZArchiver, it took 10-15 minutes to extract, when i see my phone it saids error with data and decompressed archive unsuccessful. Please fix it... So I will give you subs and like on your every videos.
The main.11.com.rockstargames.bully file when I extract it, it errors 300 mb only plss fix it or how to fix it I cannot launch the game if I don't have the main.11 file
Bhai ya cache download kyu nahi ho rha ha
Hi if go on
Tnkyou to game Bully
I did everything and the game starts good and it just go out and take me to home screen how to fix this please help
Kese kerte he download bully ki file or cache
How to download the bully .
I dont now get for and bully
the game doesn't open I can't use it I download the cache and the apk but it can't lunch
Me to
How to download files for bully
Works fine if u actually read the instructions on how to set it up!
Nice games
It shows resources not found
It say stopped working
Wow thanks
Your extrack you obb To sdcard/Android/obb you instal your apk and run the Game
How to install bully game plzzz tell me
Versi thankss very very very veryyyyyy thanks
I dont know how to move it
Awesome game . Thanks .
Trn off the vibrate feedback in the game setting
How to fix Bully unfortunately has stop
انا لم استطيع تحميل obbلذا اعطونا لطريقة لتحميله
It is work on Lyf 4004 model ??????
You guys.You ugly all.
Game works very fine , but it doesn't work in y axis. Means i cannot look up or down. Some missions jimmy has to look up , but can't do this. Please fix. 
T This is awesome I was just playing it it actually does work
Your phone pleasee
This a fake
Learn how to spell
The app is fake download it from revdl.
Can it work on Mi note 4???cuz I really love this game...
Pls what is the me of the folder
I love this game very much thank u app mirror for this game
I like this game very much because it has amazing graphics and many more thank u app mirror site more this game
Hi There MOTHER-FUCKER this site doesn't work you ASHOLES :)
Excellent game
Sir when i hit someone in the game my phone vibrate is this happen to you
When i hit sameone my phone vibrate is this happend to i dont know tell me the problem
شباب لما اضرب واحد في لعبةbully التلفون برج ليش هيك يعني صوت رج
شباب لما اضرب واحد في لعبةbullyالتلفون برج شو المشكلة بتكون
The game crashes very early in the beginning when it says to change the clothes and as soon as it reaches to the room in boys dorm and goes to change the clothers the game crashes.So amy solution for the samw?
what's isn't for smartphone??
ليش لعبة bullyبترج لما اضرب واحد
Hey I have GTA liberty city stories also. So Should both games remain in same folder?
That is very good game
Download the apk then install it. *Don't open yet Download the cache. Install Zarchiever from playstore, then extract the files of the cache with Zarchiever to internal storage Android obb the open the game
Hahahaha guys anyone play bully on mobile it is online game u guys cant play without bought it from google play there are somany fools who download it and that fools make other fools hahahahahahaha
Do you extract the cache?extract it first
Guys it is working in any device If you do it step by step and extract it right,first you have to download the apk and the cache extract the in /android/obb open the apk and relax walaaaaaaa your problems is solved that is easy as 1,2,3
Bros this game is nuts I download cache and apk and put the cache into SD card/android/obb and install the game but when I play it says download failed because resource could not found as me one plz tell me how to play it
Make your screen white
7. It Doesnt work
How to download gta san andreas
Plz help im using mi note 4 android 6.0.1 i am using zarchiver to extract it says at 70% of extraction that error java.io.IOExtension error plz help . Plz reply asap. . .
Lol isint this a giant pain in the ass. So many have the same issue With install. That part was easy for me Its kinda hard to explain for sure to some people When you move the extract file to obb Open it and make sure you see the patch and main file in first folder. Some put the file there and then have to open it and then another inside of it To get to the main and patch files This will cause issues and keep it from running Its dumb yes but when you extract from a location to the obb it puts the file stack two files deep before you see the games files It needs to be only one file deep Like click the obb file you moved and you should immediately see the games two files main and patch. If you click the obb file and then have to click another inside that file to see the games files then the game will not open Or run the way it should. This is confusing to explain and its dumb But the game files should only be one file click in not 2
Version 0.0017 Or however it goes Lol just get the one with the 17 as last number
Oppo neo7, Work ?
كيف احمل العبه
will it work on s7
Awesome bro thx it worked on lenovo zuk z1
I downloaded  everything but wen I extracted it it came with the main and a patch file in the obb. Wen I launched the apk it didn't open. Its said unfortunately bully has stopped. What do I do now??
My device is Samsung galaxy grand prime....please tell me which version should I download...? Please help me???
My device is Samsung galaxy grand prime...and which version should I download..? Please help??
Do we need to downloax the cachce?please answer
i have downloaded apk file DO i also have to download cache(1.95gb) and it into obb folder?
Download failed because resources unavailable; I followed all the steps.
How does I work
Download on playmob. It more easier to download there. 
When I open it again comes back to normal screen.
guys this game of bully gives me a problem when I am trying to play it in few minutes the game stops what's wrong guys
hay dax
First download xposed  installer after that download obb on sd and follow the step  How to install Bully: Anniversary Edition APK and Cache? Cache for the game Bully: Anniversary Edition: folder from the archive to unpack in /sdcard/Android/obb/ Should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.bully/ The size of the decompressed cache 2.74 GB Install apk, run the game!  Anyway you can watch youtube how to play large obb game in low external storage Hope you all can
This works great! You guys are awesome!
Hey,i have downloaded cache and apk and place the cache in obb file byt still it is not working .what i hace to do exact that file or what i have to do plz tell me .......
I installed it but when I play a few minutes its closed whats the problem
This app is not download 
how to install it when the cahe and apkk download finished 
if i download the not modded cache. does it work in moded apk?
Does your have expandable memory? 
Do it works on samsung galaxy s3?
good game...it's work properly
nice game.....good work.
First, you all have to download the change and extract it's zip file into android obb.  Thank download the apk of the game and install it. (Use ZArchiver to extract the zip file into android obb.)
It work on samsung a9 pro.. Thank you
does it work on android a5
It did'nt work at all... Need to download resources but it could not be found... I already download the 1.9gb cache and extract it... How many Gbs do i need to see in the obb folder of bully? Cause im seeing 1.8gb for "main.17", 1.1gb for "patch.11", 9mb for "main.11" and a 13mb for "patch.15"... Pls help...
Download the cach in rockstar.com......... in the data 
Does this work for Nokia touch screens?
Thanks, its working on vivo y35
Showing error while decompressing the obb zip file. please help
Dudes, iam very sad that in my Samsung galaxy s3 its not workibg. Its suddenly closes after running the game for 20s. But other games are working great. Thanks for the site guys.
i cant play this ap??
it is not decompressing by Zarchiver or any other software and after showing error while decompressing and obb file is of only 1.83gb, help me please.
Resources not found download failed error i have already extract the cache in obb folder
I Know I Get Its
1-download  the catche file  2-download the apk  (bully) 3-download  (zarchiver) from the Google play  4-open zarchiver and go to the catche file and press it then choose extract here . after that you will got an folder named  (com.rockstargames.bully) press it and cut it to enteral storage then to android/obb,if there wasn't any folder named obb create a one /paste it to obb 5-install bully apk  6-enjoy the great game
Does bully run in android 4.4.2
عندما اريد فتح اللعبة تظهر لائحة عليها bully s'arrété كيف احل هذه المشكلة
عندما اريد فتح اللعبة تظهر لائحة عليها bully s'arrété كيف احل هذه المشكلة
How to install the game ..?
I put data in obb and installed it, Game freezes at black screen. I have a 6.0 Marshmallow. Help me please!!!
How to download cache
You need to put the OBB file into the phones rockstar folder... tricky to explain but i had the same problem at first.. it is on google somewhere lol hope that helps dude
If i download the obb it not worked
Comment télécharger
كيف تحمل؟؟
Its the best game in the Rockstar industry
Does it run in android 4.4.2 Gta san andreas runs smoothly in my device
Does it run on android 4.4.2
Does it work on external
My is CP vivoy55 its compatible ??
Its really work??
It shows "unfortunately bully has stopped"!! Now what should I do???
Hey ser, i already dl the cache, and i already paste it on android obb. But the files are split into two. What should i do next? Sorry for my english.
unfortnately bully has stopped
It works :D But it's always suddenly stop :(
اني حمل الاخضر و الحمر  كيف ابدا ؟؟
How can I download it
Why I don't have an obb file ? How to create it ???
Great app
What to do in a phone with no sd card i have galaxy s6. tried all steps decompressed cache /devicestorage/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.bully/ and installed and open apk. bully properly installed but when i open download paused because resources cant be found. Help..
Boyz go to play.mob.org  download a bully
اضغط الخضراء والحمراء بعدها
wasting my mobile data.  fuck you.  son of a bitch asshole.  pussy
The problem is that ..you put it in the SD card .u should put it in the internal storage i did that.it works
Who we can download bully
My too
Me too
Me too
black screen help
I have Samsung Galaxy a 5 2015 version 6.0.2 but game still unfortunately stopped  I also give all permission  what I can do
Bro please tell me bully work in 4.4.2 KitKat please tell me
Mrs Mrs Mrs :-D;-);-);-)
As jus I'd
bully no ofline
My device is Motorola G4 with a 6.0.1 version. Google Play says " this Game isn't compatible with your version" . Here, you say that the minimun requeriments is 4.0 version. What can I do? Thanks
Best of best 
Not worked.  Motorolla xt1080..  Help
Doesent work for me either ...confusin..resource failed.....i moved download cache to android obb.....i guess extracting part is confusing
Omg been wating for this, works 100%
كيف تحمل
You have made a folder
Hey don't install the apk, first make folder in android/obb name it com.rockstargames.bully then paste that cache file in that folder and then install the apk
When i play the game there will be a black and white shadow..can anyone help me please..my device is SAMSUNG Galaxy S4.
How yo copy cahche 
I already DLed both APK and cache. Extracted the cache and put the folder with 2 files worth 2.7gb in the android obb file folder whcih is com.rockstarbully bla bla. still resources could not be found. I have high end phone pls help
Really very thanks guys .Ive got 3000 bucks waste for this game,as i bought a european game for find my Xbox 360 and I thank u again
i cant donload the main file of 2 gb guys help
Struck at nerd challenge 
How many storage when download and install
How many storage when download and install
help me my apk bully is backing when its loading
i've read many comments about installing the bully game, you must install the apk first, then move the file to android/obb (internal storage) the obb file size u move actually 2.74 GB, so u need alot of available space on ur internal storage, after u done moving just run the game... For those who can't still find the obb file, if you have download the file, u should get rar file, open the rar file using file manager u can download it from playstore, u'll see a file com.rockstargames.bully inside the rar file.. just try to help!
Thank you it work !
It should cause the games minimum limit to work is android 4.0 and higher, maybe your chipset isnt strong enough
Use rar , you can download rar in playstore, then unzip to android obb
Its downloading but it stays at 0 And then it goes blank 
Mee toooo someome please help....
Unfortunately , Bully has stopped in 6.0.1 samsung J7 ..... how can i do that plz
I can't in this game and after that,my game bully Can in this game,After I wait the loading...I terkeluar from this game,i don't  what happen anyone can help me
Anyone can help me
Why I can't in this game
i dwnld it.but it does't work. it says the cache is not available and starts downloading resources.also does it work on samsung galaxy Tab A
I download the bully only the cache wohooo(excited) i hope it will work
After 2 days! It worked! Just a lot of patience guys
thanks! but how to fix when it crashed?
Anyone having trouble?  I got it to work s6edge plus You need to download the files on a computer. Put them in the appropriate files then install it
Thanks brather
It again again stops while Running !!!!  Please Help.
The cache is not downloading
Cannot download i have download from the green button plzz help
I can’t play I copy and past in SD/Android/obb/com.rostargaes.bully/ And Then I download apk and I install apk but I see it “Download failed because the resources could not be found”. My Phone is lenovo k3 note. How Can I do ? Please help me.
Don't work :\ Black screen when you play the game
Where do you download the cache?
if the cache is dowload,i can mov3 it in folder??or need to exract it??
Dis is fake site 
Can anyone help me ? I have install the apk file which is the 70mb . So i go to andoird / obb and i cant find the .com blablabla . Help me please
AsFunk 1st install the game then u must move the cache folder (com.rockstargames.bully) to Android/ obb
Very much thanks to the site for uploading the bully other wise I wouldn't get it from play store . And I was waiting for game to come Android again very much thanks and u guys r doing a great job by uploading new games and paid too.
I love Rockstar game
Thank you
Download the cache file and apk after that install z archiver extract the cache file to android obb it works
I was move the cache and apk to a android/obb/com.rockstarganes , but when I Install it still can't work it's said can't find the resources for bully
How to move it  , idk how 
Thanks bro it really works but stuck
Does it work for galaxy tab a
The game runs fine on Android 5.1 but when I play the game it has a black screen.... Please help Thank You!!
Mirror server for download cache is too slow. p.s my connection is fast
Can anyone guide me what to do after downloading both apk and cache?
have you got winrar?
no its data
its in cache virus or not?
no, try to copy the com.rockstargame.bully to your phone storage , go to your phone storage android , and obb :) hope its work
Please help me. I cant extract cache. It say operation completed with errors
Chace is MOD or not? Please reply
Awesome. Do I need a rooted phone for this? 
I dont have tutorial video
Can u give me tutorial video on youtube pls....
I dont have com.rockstargames.bully folder What should i do?
Hi guys, can anyone help me? I have played this game in my pc but i wanted it in my phone, i have 2 gb space in my phone but still it says error downloding bully cache lack of storage spaces, but i have a 16 gb memory card, i want to put the game cache in my memory card, how i can do that? Please help. Thanks alot.
You so lucky you get to see the Rockstar logo
Can you please do a video of downloading it to youtube?? I can't find anything in English. Everything is in Spanish and Hindu. I need your help please! Ever other person who can do a video can help me
Bcoz u have to paste it in internal 
Still doesnt work....  On my Galaxy s6
Does this actually work
My app does nt get installed....PlZzz HELP ME....(huawei y6 pro)
Thats works 100/100
i dont have sd card....so,how should i do,can i play without sd card???
Frnds check the ram available to play game and extraction of cache take upto 2.7 gb..... I am going to try game in vivo v5 I would share with u frnds...... Thank you
i downloaded and installed it and it starts but after the rockstar games logo it allways crashes. i allready tried to give the game all the permissions like a comment said but it still doesnt work.
Has anybody downloaded this on the kindle fire hd. If you have, could you please explain how. Thanks
Can somebody to step by step on how to install this. Do you have to download the cache first?
This game is not compatible with my phone sony xperia z2 wt should be do
This game is not compatible with my phone sony xperia z2 on play store wt should I can do
Does this game works on android kitkat?
Explain in detail please.I am also facing the same issue
Can anyone share it with me the cache please?
Cache take so long time to download
Thank. You friend?
last 2 cmnts are correct thank you
you dont havee enough storage
If the game says bully has stopped working or unfortunately bully has stopped ..... don't worry long press the app and open app info click the permission and ok for all permission then the  problem will solved
Frnds......first u have to download and install bully.apk and then download cache....it is 1970mb ...then install ES file explorer from play store.open es file explorer and open the folder where the cache is downloaded and long press the cache and click extract and choose folder Android / obb and click extract button after extracting open apk and play.......enjoy......thank you
Android/Obb insert com.rockstar folder Next install apk Working, Smsg Galaxy S6 Edge
Why i download cache for a long time but only got 3 percent per hour?
My device cannot support the game. Probably it still android kit kat sir?
Reply me it works or not
Does it work waqas
thank you
I can't play I copy and past in SD/Android/obb/com.rostargaes.bully/ And Then I download apk and I install apk but I see it "Download failed because the resources could not be found". My Phone is LG G3 Stylus. How Can I do ? Please help me.
I cant unzip and extract it?
Cache for the game Bully: Anniversary Edition: folder from the archive to unpack in /sdcard/Android/obb/ Should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.bully/ The size of the decompressed cache 2.74 GB Install apk, run the game!
below the green download bully anniversary edition button there is a red button for downloading cache files for the game. Click it and the download shall start :-)
Can someone please explain in further detail how this works becuz I dowloaded the apk and the caChe and still doesn't work
Says bully has stopped working....  ON galaxy s6
Can someone tell me how to download the Cache? 
I did that but it still doesn't work.
The exact same
Put it in the bully folder :3
How do you download this on a samsung galaxy s6 edge?
You have to download the obb file then place it in android/obb
You have to download it
there's no com.rockstargames.bully file in thee obb/SDcard. Help pls
Doesn't work i install the cache and now what??
Thank you
Thanks :)
Did you download the cache and transfer the files to the bully folder?
You have to download the cache
Nice but the game doesn't launch when it tries to download itself. "Download failed because the resources are unavailable"
easy peatzy
Such an awesome site to download games and apps
Thank you 
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