Battle Blobs 3v3 Multiplayer

Battle Blobs: 3v3 Multiplayer

Publish Date: June 15, 2019
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Battle Blobs: 3v3 Multiplayer — network battle 3 on 3 with bizarre creatures from the developer ActionReaction Games. Take a powerful Blaster and dominate the battlefield, destroying fighters from the opposing team across the map. Here you can interact with the game environment like never before, for example capture control points, pick up auxiliary items, use vehicles or riding animals to earn an advantage for your team. Use missiles, explosive minions, sonic hammers, and more to harm their enemies. Cure or increase the damage of your team, stun enemies and this is not the whole list of possibilities. Play in one of the modes, including team battles of three participants, where each team must capture checkpoints, absorb potion forces and destroy the core of the enemy team, as well as win matches in trophy mode, where for the victory you unlock new characters, boxes with loot, coins and gems. At the time of adding, the game Battle Blobs was in early access, later the developers promise to add more skins, arenas, modes and special events.


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