Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots

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The description

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots takes us in the world of big mechs, robots and tanks that will fight in the epic mobile battles. This game does not require you to have any special skills, just select one of the combat mechs and start your battle against real players or from bots. Fight in a variety of PvP arenas, and get excellent results using dozens of types of weapons, including machine guns, rockets, lasers and even lightsabers. Use additional equipment to quickly move around locations and shorten from enemy bullets.

Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots short report

Here is a bright and thoughtful third-person shooter. If desired, play with friends, arranging fights on your own on different maps. The undoubted advantage is the convenient control, as well as a simple way of aiming and firing shots.


Your characters have the opportunity to use several types of weapons. You can fight machine guns, lasers and swords if you have them, and sometimes you can use several weapon options at the same time. Each of your equipment will bring special tactics against robots. In addition, skills are also very interesting: such as force fields, shields, planes, will help you win. In particular, customize the build of your hero in accordance with the necessary accessories. Spend money to unlock more of the hottest cyborgs in the game store.

Accelerators, large motors, energy shields and other devices await you. Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots still has a familiar system with missions and countless trials that are directed against AI. Tasks are divided into three levels so you can freely choose. Many modes in this online shooter will not let you get bored: capturing the flag, capturing control points, delivering bombs, a deadly match and others.

Multiplayer mode

There are several modes in Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots multiplayer. At the beginning, you will be assigned to the red or blue team. In flag capture mode – get to the flag of the enemy team and deliver it to your base. We advise you not to rush into the enemy’s lair immediately, some of the allies must stay and defend own flag.

In “control points” mode – displace rivals from their territory; to win on the map, you need to capture all the control points.

Tip: control points are marked with a large circle on the map with a number inside, leave the turrets with the allies as close to the center as possible, even after the death of robot they will continue to shoot enemies.

Is Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots worth playing?

Here you can not only fight, but also look for secret blueprints of furs and tanks that are well hidden on the maps. Destroy everything that moves in order to collect as many details as possible. Be already with the help of them install hopping engines, various accelerators and force fields and additional energy shields on them. Earn new ranks in multiplayer duels with real players. You just have to choose your difficulty and start fighting now!

Battle Tips

While playing Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots, pay attention to the structure of the map, as well as the inscription on the top. Allied turrets and teammates themselves are signed in green above, enemy robots are highlighted in red and must be destroyed.

  • Leave machine guns at the center points of the map.
  • Pay attention to the landscape. Hide behind the walls when moving.
  • Do not forget about cunning players who can sit in a corner and conduct fire.
  • Fold yourself in a corner and wait for the enemy, especially if there is little health left.
  • Take your time to buy all the robots. Accumulate gold and titles to buy the coolest.
  • Remember to pump weapons, armor and engines, often upgrade in the garage.

Armored Squad Features

  • Twisting cartoon graphics. Realism is boring!
  • Grab your friends and join the online PVP battles!
  • Simple controls – aiming and shooting is easy.
  • On the road without internet? It doesn’t matter – there are more than fifty offline levels!
  • Play with the sword, laser, rocket launcher at the same time!
  • Force fields, jump engines, accelerators, energy shields, and, of course, many guns – the mood of the fur to suit your style of play.
  • Repair allied robots and set turrets to defend your position.
  • Collect details of the destroyed enemies to build a new mech.
  • Earn new ranks by participating in multiplayer duels.
  • Unlock all three levels of difficulty in a single player game.
  • The small size of the game is up to 50Mb.
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Updated 19.02.2020
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Publish Date 06.01.2020
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