Anger Of Stick 3

Anger of Stick 3

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Anger Of Stick 3

The description

Anger of Stick 3 – the long-awaited sequel to the arcade fighting game for the android platform, about the adventures of a funny cartoon man. This time our Stick girlfriend got into very big trouble. Evil aliens clans fascinated by her beauty, kidnapped a girl on one of their distant planets. However, they could not even imagine what story they got involved in, because Stick intends to return his beloved at any cost. By downloading Anger of Stick 3 Mod APK you will be waited for spectacular fights in the corporate cartoon design, many unique enemies, traveling on 4 dangerous planets, and of course the sea of ​​adventure and drive.


As for the overall concept and gameplay of the game, they have not changed much. Anger of Stick 3 with Mod APK is still made in the form of a 2D platformer, in which we need to move only forward and at the same time beat everyone who gets in our way with our hands and feet. True, the developers made some improvements to the game. For example, the graphics and animation effects were drastically reworked, which now looks even more attractive and high-quality.

The level of complexity is also slightly enhanced, which is unlikely to appeal to lovers of hiking without much difficulty. This was done for the most part to monetize the game, since it is almost impossible to destroy some enemies without buying special upgrades and bonuses, which, as you may have guessed, are acquired only through real currency. This is the main disadvantage of the game, but you should not blame the developers, since you can download Anger of Stick 3 absolutely for free.


Regarding controls, it has not changed. After APK download to strike enemies, it is necessary to combine several keystrokes of the game keys, which in itself is rather difficult, since it is necessary to memorize many sequences.

It remains in this version and the possibility of using firearms, which is unlikely to greatly help you, but the benefit is there, and weak opponents from it will fall on one shot. Nevertheless, if you run into the final boss, you can leave the fire key alone. To win such super giants, you must move very quickly, and at the same time combine many combo attacks. In most cases, even a small missed strike from the boss, can cause the instant death of the main character.


In conclusion, we can say that Anger of Stick 3 APK turned out to be quite high quality and interesting, even despite the very difficult management, the need for purchases in the application and the constantly pop-up advertising banner in the right corner of the screen. If the above does not bother you, you can try Anger of Stick 3 for Android right now:

  • by downloading it from our website;
  • by downloading it via Google Play.

In addition, the game is provided with modified version, which can give you unlimited money in order to save your real money from buying game currency.

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Latest Version 1.0.0 (Mod: Free Shopping)
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Publish Date 08.06.2019
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