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Coursera is an Android application with a large library of online courses from the worlds leading universities.
Users have an opportunity to choose modern courses of popular universities to upgrade their skills or to learn something new. During the course, they take lectures and tests, receive feedback and can pass the certification examination.
In the app you find the current directions for studying. There are eleven themes, including Art and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science, Personal Development and others. Overall, you find the areas of work that are in demand today.
Most of the courses are available free of charge. You study the duration of the course, its program and literature for reading. If you are interested in the block, you can start studying it. It is possible to get a certificate, for this you need to pay. Please note that you can decide whether you want it or not.
The Coursera database is available online. You can add material to the download. Thanks to this, you may watch video lectures and read articles offline. So, you have a chance to explore topics anywhere and at any time.
Khan Academy also provides available lectures. It is possible to learn something new from a variety of disciplines.

  • courses from world universities;
  • video lectures on the desired directions;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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