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Lyft is an application for Android that gives you the ability to find a driver in order to get to a certain place.

Taxi service
This app provides you with the opportunity to enter the address of your destination and order a car there. It reminds of other popular utilities such as Uber.
You have to complete the registration procedure before you can start using this application. After you confirm the mobile phone number, it is necessary to choose your current location. Then you are able to get a ride to any place in your city. You are able to see the estimated time of arrival and the route.
There is the ability to pay for services online with your debit card. It is also possible to use cash if you want.
Furthermore, Lyft gives you the opportunity to choose from multiple options. You can get the cheapest ride as well as the most comfortable.
Once you have arrived at the destination point, it is possible to rate the driver and leave a comment about the quality of the service.

  • allows you to find a taxi online and pay for it with your debit card;
  • there is the ability to enter the needed address in order to get there;
  • it is possible to rate the driver as well as leave a comment about the quality of the service;
  • free download for Android.
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