DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification follows the rules of DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In case you would like to inform about claims related to copyright issues, it is necessary to send a letter including the following:

A physical or electronic signature of an owner of exclusive rights or a representative who acts on the behalf of the complaining party.

Identification of the work that claimed to be violated in terms of copyrights. If you would like to send a complaint regarding several pages, you will have to include them on the list.

Identification of the work claimed to be violated and removed from the site. Moreover, we will need the information that allows us to identify this material and deny access to it. If you include the URLs in your complaint, we will find this content quickly.

Contact details that help us to communicate with representatives of the complaining party. You can send us an address, telephone number or email address.

A signed letter stating that the owner, agent or the law do not approve copyright being uploaded on our site and the complaining party is well aware of this situation.

A statement proving that the information in the letter is accurate. Please note you will face the penalty if your complaint is not true and you do not own copyrights. We strongly discourage making false DMCA claims to us.

Copyright owner

Want to ensure that your app has been removed from the pages of our website? To identify you as a developer, please write from the same email address that you specified as a contact data on Google Play. In response, we will ask you to confirm the deletion by sending you a letter back. In the absence of a response within one working day, we reserve the right to continue to host the application on our site.