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WeHealth is an Android application that allows you to store and analyze data about your body and health.
Users are able to monitor their daily physical activity, diet and sleep. You will also find categories to control glucose and oxygen levels in the blood as well as body temperature.
There is an opportunity to use a detailed health diary at a doctors appointment. You can show your body data for a certain period. Moreover, it is possible to add medical evidence to the Medical Report section.
Another advantage of the app is the family diary. It allows you to preserve not only your health metrics but also information about parents, spouse or children. It is convenient to save all the information in one place.
Physical and brain activity are shown both in the form of tables with figures and in graphs. The visual diagram helps you to see the imbalance if there is one.
Peace and harmony in the soul stands in the same row as nutrition and movement. You may have meditation sessions with the Down dog Meditation application.

  • the ability to monitor a wide range of health indicators;
  • a simple and user friendly interface;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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