Privacy Policy is committed to protect users' privacy while visiting our site. We take necessary steps in protecting your personal information and truly believe this will lead to an increase in participating in online activities. Privacy Policy of allows users to find out what kinds of information the website may collect. You can learn what we do with this data whether we share it or not. Users have the opportunity to benefit from the latest internet technology and receive relevant recommendations. By getting access to you agree to its Privacy Policy.

The following sections describe how we gather information and the way our technologies work:


The cookies are designed in the form of text files for smartphones and other devices. Each time you enter our site, these cookies are activated. A key purpose of using these files is to improve AppMirror performance. Thanks to cookies, we can find out what pages you visited lately or how many links you clicked. You have an option to accept cookies or block them in the settings of the browser you use. Please note that not allowing these files may lead to some defects on the pages of our site.

Third parties we cooperate with may also have cookies in their advertisements which you can find on our site. These small blocks of data are regulated properly and meet the requirements of both privacy policy and terms of use. Cookies allow our partners to collect the information related to clicks on certain links, what type of browser is used and the ads visitors are most interested to check. This information is considered non-personal and it only provides companies with the opportunity to show users relevant ads.

Device information

In order to optimize the site for various devices, collects the information about browsers, smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices with which users can get access to its content.


Third party analytics are allowed to collect users information via web beacons or cookies. This data is non-personal and does not identify users. Third parties only need to know basic information about clicks and viewed pages to offer visitors relevant recommendations.

Log files uses some anonymous information, such as your IP address, search parameters, via what browser you visit the site and history of viewed pages.

Third party ad networks and social networks expects its partners and companies that provide ads to respect the privacy of the users when it comes to visiting our site. Please note, our partners, the advertisements of which are available on our pages, have their own privacy policy and terms of use. These rules may differ from what we have. By clicking on hyperlinks to their websites, you have to agree to their privacy policy and terms of use. Before downloading any content from their site, we highly recommend you to study their conditions closely. does not take responsibility for the content, as well as terms of use and privacy policy provided by its partners and sponsors. We are also not responsible for cookies or any other technology these parties use to collect information about visitors. Our site does not control the actions of our third parties, therefore, once again, read their privacy policy and terms of use before getting access to their content.

Changes in privacy policy

Only reserves the right to update Privacy Policy at any time. You can be aware of the latest changes by reading our posts or checking this section regularly.


You can contact us via email if you have questions related to our Privacy Policy.