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TikTok – an entertainment application for Android that provides users with access to a popular online platform. You can watch funny and short videos as well as create and share your own content.
To begin with, this app is one of the most popular online platforms for entertainment. Users can upload their own content, receive praise from other members and even earn money for living. There is a wide range of categories with interesting videos from well known channels.
The main point of TikTok is showing short and funny videos. They may entertain you and in some ways improve your mood. It is possible to like these videos, leave comments and share them with friends via popular messengers. Taking into account all the basic features of TikTok, it is quite similar to another popular app, Likee.
The application is available in many countries. It is easy to use and for new members there are special tips at the beginning. By the way, in order to create an account you may enter your email.

  • a highly popular online platform for uploading short and funny videos;
  • it is possible to watch favorite content and receive recommendations;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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