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Yummly is an Android application that provides you with more than two million recipes to make delicious dishes.
You can choose a wide variety of recipes and see step by step instructions in text or video format. Thus, the preparation becomes interesting and easier to do.
Users will find a large number of recipes. There are unique dishes from small culinary blogs as well as notes from such popular sites as Recipalles and Food52. Every week the application expands the content and new video lessons appear. So, you will always have an updated library at your disposal.
The app has filters for finding recipes. You are able to select specific ingredients and view the dishes prepared using them. This allows you to pick individual meals.
It is possible to save your favorite recipes and create collections for a convenient organization. For example, split into desserts, salads and soups.
With Yummly it is also convenient to make a shopping list. To do this, you need to select the recipes you plan to cook. A list of necessary ingredients will be available in the card. So, you need to mark positions that you do not have at home. This will form a shopping list.
Yummly helps you to diversify your diet with new dishes. It is possible to use this utility with Fasting App so that meals will also be healthy.

  • large collection of recipes and sections with traditional cuisine;
  • ability to create a list of products;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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