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YAZIO is a nutrition management assistant for Android mobile devices. This app offers recipes, diet programs and healthy menus depending on the objectives.
Healthy and tasty
YAZIO helps users to reach their fitness goals and desired shape. Firstly, you should enter the body metrics. After that, it is possible to choose to maintain form, build muscle or lose weight.
The application offers a calorie counter with a meals diary and daily limits according to your objectives. Technology provides users with vitamin and macronutrient analysis. The built in barcode scanner allows you to add products with convenience. There is also a tracker that reminds of water consumption. Furthermore, you can connect the utility with Fitbit, Garmin, Polar and SHealth. It helps to keep records of your physical and mental state.
Additionally, the app introduces several intermittent fasting programs, including one meal a day. It also provides precise data on body state during this method of dieting. Conveniently, users are notified about times to eat.
Moreover, you can find thousands of recipes, including vegan, low carbs and keto. Every item is followed with a grocery list and a cooking mode with easy to follow instructions. Similar to dieting tools like Lifesum, YAZIO offers complete specialized meal plans developed for weight loss, muscle building and fasting. However, those require a subscription.

  • nutrient balance, vitamins consumption analysis;
  • thousands of recipes with cooking mode instructions and shopping lists;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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