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The app helps to reach any destination. It offers a quick route to bypass traffic congestion and accidents. There are additional tools that will make your trips comfortable.
The utility has a search tab where you can enter addresses or names of establishments. TomTom AmiGO determines the location and lays out the best route. You will also find information about the time of arrival.
The application sends a real time alert. First of all, it shows the speed limits that apply in specific areas of control. These warnings allow users to slow down to avoid getting tickets.
Traffic accidents are also displayed on the map. For example, you have information about which row the accident occurred. This allows you to ride to the right lane in advance.
If you use public transport for transportation, then please pay attention to HERE WeGo. Here you may pave the way and look for alternative routes in case of bus delays.

  • the utility specifies the speed limits in effect in the control areas;
  • you can route to any destination;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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