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Toggl Track is an application for Android that gives you the ability to track the time you spend on work and see detailed statistics about it.
How it works
You can use this app to see how much time you are spending on various activities. It is helpful for optimising your workflow and improving the overall productivity.
The application provides you with the opportunity to create multiple projects and start tracking time for each one. You can rename them and arrange in the needed order.
Afterwards, it is possible to check out detailed statistics regarding your projects. You can check out how much time they consume and see information for a certain day, week or month. It is very similar to Boosted and its analogues.
You can use this app for free but three is the ability to use premium tools if you purchase a special package. It includes such instruments as billable hours, exporting, rounding, project dashboard and others. All of them are pretty useful but the main function works properly even in the free version.

  • provides you with the opportunity to improve the productivity of your work;
  • you can track the time you spend on various projects;
  • there is the ability to see detailed statistics and analyze it;
  • free download for Android.
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