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Talkspace is an Android application for secure and affordable mental health counseling, including live video sessions. It is possible to find a suitable licensed professional therapist, chat when convenient to get expert help and improve your wellbeing.
Treating issues
Everyday assistance and live sessions with Talkspace cost a fraction of mental health counseling in the US. Members can mention the preferences for therapy and match with a professional in their state in no time.
Most importantly, you may share your thoughts and stressful life events with your counselor by unlimited messaging. Patients can send text, voice, images and videos to receive mentors feedback at least once every workday. The system has shown to be effective in treating issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, couple problems and PTSD.
If you want to try improving symptoms of apathy and relieving stress with cognitive behavioral therapy exercises, you can install the applications like Mindshift or Happify.

  • network of thousands of licensed therapists;
  • unlimited messaging with professional mental health counselor;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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