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Synology Active Insight is an application for Android that gives you the ability to monitor the performance of the Network Attached Storage.
The app provides you with the opportunity to receive various information about your NAS. It is a smart storage device that you can connect to the home or office network in order to keep different files there.
It is important to notice that you can log in this application only if you own Network Attached Storage by the Synology company.
The utility gives you the ability to see the current status of the device along with warnings and advice about its performance. Moreover, you can always check how much storage space is left as well as get detailed statistics about its usage.
You also have the opportunity to monitor storage health and come up with measures if one of its volumes crashes.
This app was developed by the same company as Synology Photos but it offers a more complex solution for keeping files in online storage.

  • allows you to monitor the performance of Network Attached Storage;
  • you have to own a Synology NAS device in order to use this app;
  • there is the ability to check the status of various aspects;
  • free download for Android.
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