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Educational process
This app gives you the opportunity to learn one of the traditional Indian languages that is called Sanskrit.
In some way, this application reminds of such educational utilities as Speakly. However, there is the ability to study only one certain language. Moreover, the content and educational methods here are more oriented on children. But adults also can use Little Guru in order to learn Sanskrit.
There is the opportunity to explore tasks that correspond to your language level and complete them. The application uses a gamified approach to the education, so the interface looks like an animated travel map.
You have the ability to study the alphabet, improve your reading or listening skills and many more. It is possible to monitor your progress as well as access the detailed statistics of your educational activities.

  • gives you the ability to learn the Sanskrit language;
  • the app uses the gamified approach to the educational process;
  • it is possible to improve reading, listening and vocabulary;
  • free download for Android.
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