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Strava is an Android activity tracking app, especially popular with professional athletes. You can save your workouts, achieve fitness goals and connect with like minded people.
Active lifestyle
Users install this application to check data about their workouts, monitor their progress and health. Functions are especially relevant for tracking races, bike rides and other active sports.
You can use the app with different devices. For example, any watch with GPS, bike computers and motion sensors. Thus, you will always have the route traveled displayed. In addition, you have the option to connect a heart rate monitor and other smart devices. You have a chance to monitor your health in Withings app.
Strava brings together professional athletes and active people. You can share your achievements with the members of the app, as well as join clubs both worldwide and local. You have an opportunity to see the associations that are in your region.
It should be noted that the application is paid. The developers invite users to get acquainted with the application within a month. Thus, you can decide whether you would like to subscribe or not.

  • professional community united by similar goals;
  • the ability to connect devices to track routes and health indicators;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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