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SoundCloud is an application for Android that provides you with access to the online platform where users can find many different musical compositions.
Library of songs
You get the opportunity to listen to music that is becoming popular from various artists. You are able to create playlists for workouts, parties, learning, sleep and so on. Compositions that you like the most can be added to favourites and shared with others.
There is a search field that allows you to quickly find the song you are looking for. In addition, you can sort out tracks by genre, album or playlist titles. Users have the ability to subscribe to their favourite artists and follow them.
It is noteworthy that listening to music in SoundCloud does not require a subscription as in the case with Joox. It is enough to enter your email address or log in through Google or Facebook.
You have the ability to upload songs that you recorded by yourself as well. Afterwards, you can share them with other users.

  • you get the ability to listen to popular music online;
  • it is possible to create topical playlists and browse ones made by others;
  • there is the opportunity to upload tracks that you have created;
  • free download for Android.
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