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Lifesum is a popular Android utility for meal planning, dieting and fasting. This app has a food diary, nutrition calculator, a library of relevant recipes and more.
Nutrition tracker
Lifesum offers users personalized meal plans depending on what goal they try to achieve. For example, it is possible to lose weight, gain muscles or just eat healthily. There are several popular diets like paleo, sugar detox, keto or fasting. You may take a mild approach or a more strict one.
When you choose a plan, Lifesum offers you a number of recipes. They only contain ingredients allowed in your diet. Personal restrictions are also taken into account. However, it is not possible to hide and ignore food you just do not like. But you can use your own recipes. Moreover, the developers add new meals on a regular basis.
Additionally, to help you stick to the plan and track progress, the utility features various helpful instruments. For instance, the calorie counter lets users stay within the daily limit. Conveniently, the application has an integrated barcode scanner.
It is worth noting that Lifesum is free to use. There is a paid premium membership that among other things allows integration with apps like Fitbit and RunKeeper.

  • personalized diet plans depending on users goals;
  • food diary and progress tracker;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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