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Shopify – an Android application that provides a simple and convenient way to create your own online store. You can run your business and be aware of all incoming orders.
How it works
The app is quite popular in creating your own online store without large financial resources. There are a lot of tools that help you manage your store and check all the orders. Moreover, thanks to the instructions you can get all the explanations and knowledge of how to create a shop from scratch.
As to running a business itself, it is possible to get an overview of your deals. Actual statistics show how many orders are placed daily. You can create channels and reach more customers with them.
It is possible to check the features of popular online stores such as Amazon Shopping and create them in your own one. The app allows you to manage your incoming orders. You can see what items are the most popular and who exactly buys them.
Overall, this utility is useful in making your own online store and running it the way you like. You do not have to spend a large amount of money to hire specialists and design the store. Although most of the tools are accessible for free, you can buy premium and get additional ones.

  • possibility to open your own online store;
  • there are statistics of sales and orders;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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