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7 Cups is an Android application for free anonymous emotional and mental help. You can assess your wellbeing, chat with trained active listeners, participate in support groups and find therapists for online counseling.
Improving wellbeing
Stress and anxiety follow modern life for a lot of people, and this tech may help. 7 Cups offers confidential guidance for treating problems like depression, PTSD and relationship issues. Not everyone can share thoughts with close friends, coworkers or relatives. From time to time, a person needs someone to talk about overwhelming feelings. This service provides access to a community of members ready to speak to anyone for free to show emotional support.
The listeners to chat at any time of the day are volunteers. Additionally, members can find guidance in the group rooms and club forums. Along to peer assistance, it is possible to access online text sessions with trained counselors and licensed therapists.
Moreover, the tech provides a free library of 300 mindfulness exercises. If you like meditations, you may try a variety of programs for all ages and goals available in the Smiling Mind app.

  • online one on one confidential chat with the listener for mental support;
  • hundreds of mindfulness exercises;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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