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PhonePe is an Android application for instant payments to offline and online stores. The app is mostly designed for users who live in India.
Money transactions
You have the ability to perform a variety of transactions such as paying for utilities, purchases and online orders, transfering to numbers and bills. Overall, you have different payment functions here.
PhonePe allows you to transfer money to any mobile number or bank account. You may also request cash from your contacts at any time. All this makes the translation process fast.
It is possible to pay for various services. In the Bill Payments section you find all kinds of utilities such as electricity, gas and water. Mobile phones, Internet and TV are also available.
There is a convenient option for automatic payment. You need to select the dates of transactions. Thanks to this, you never miss the proper time to pay the bill and do not have debts.
Users can invest their money in gold. You may buy and sell it at current market prices. Gold is stored in a free and secure bank locker. So, you have the opportunity to invest your money and make a profit.
If you are interested in instant loans, then you have an opportunity to download True Balance.

  • payment for all services and ability to adjust automatic translation;
  • buying and selling gold;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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