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IP WebCam is an application for Android that provides you with video surveillance tools that you can use with the help of your phone.

How it works
This app provides you with the ability to use your device as a CCTV camera. It can transmit a signal from your home, office or another place.
You will need another smartphone to use as a receiver. A passcode will be shown on the device that you are going to set as a camera. You have to enter this code in the interface of the second one. Then it is possible to see everything that is going on around in real time.
The app records video and sound and saves all footage to the internal memory so you can access it later.
Moreover, it is possible to use multiple devices as cameras to cover a big room or an area outside.
There are a lot of helpful tools available for users. You can enhance night vision or allow motion and sound detection.
It is worth noticing that this app is developed for protection purpose. If you want just to get new tools for shooting photos and videos it is better to use Essential camera or other analog utility.

  • provides you with the ability to use your phone as a CCTV camera;
  • you will need the spare device to receive footage in real time;
  • there are a lot of various tools available;
  • free download for Android.
Additional information
1.15.0r.769 (aarch64)


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