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Eufy Security is an Android application for managing home safety products by this brand. Users can set up devices, program their reactions, watch live videos and access camera footage.
For the house
As with another home safety brand Canary, Eufy Security offers a range of different products. The company sells various cameras, smart gateways, door sensors and motion detectors. They are easy to install, reasonably reliable and provide an excellent quality picture.
The utility itself allows users to manage devices, change settings and control operating mode. Additionally, you can receive live updates about the current situation and review recordings. Conveniently, the home security system supports sharing access with family members and neighbors.
Besides just detecting and filming, it is possible to modify responses from the devices by Eufy Security. For example, you may preset time intervals when you are home or away. It tells motion detectors when to generate alarms or ignore the movement.
Moreover, you can program automatic interaction between different devices. For instance, if there is an alarm from the door sensor, then the camera starts recording.

  • easy to install and set up;
  • programmable interactions between devices;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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