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NFL Fantasy is the official Android application for playing virtual American football by the most popular sports league in the world. You can compete against other fans in an existing championship or create your own with a unique set of rules.
Players and points
In this utility, fans of American football can create fantasy teams using a roster of real NFL players. The app provides you with several customization options, like changing the name and selecting the logo.
After that, it is possible to join a league to compete against other fans. Alternatively, you can create your own championship, set the rules as you like and invite friends and family to play with you.
The system takes into account the performances of real players and converts them into special fantasy points. Based on the amount your team gets, the app determines results against your competitors every week.
It is possible to track your fantasy scores in real time during live games. Additionally, the application offers news, sideline footage, exclusive player analysis and a set of various useful tools. However, if you want to watch live games, you may refer to the NFL Network app.

  • possibility to create your own unique league;
  • analytics, news, stats, injury updates and other data;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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