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Groww is an application for Android that gives you the ability to invest your money online with your smartphone.
Available tools
This app provides you with the opportunity to invest in funds and stocks easily. It has a simple interface along with multiple helpful tools available for users. You need to complete the registration procedure in order to get access to its functions.
You have the opportunity to link your debit card and top up your balance. Then it is possible to start investing your money. There are no commissions on direct funds, transactions charges or hidden fees.
Groww also provides you with a set of instruments that allow you to analyze all available options in order to find the most suitable one.
There is the ability to explore recent financial reports of huge companies as well. You can find a lot of useful information that will help you to invest better.
This application reminds of other popular investing utilities such as Seeking Alpha and others that you can find in the store.

  • provides you with the ability to invest your money in funds or stocks;
  • there are no commissions, hidden fees or transaction charges;
  • it is possible to find a lot of helpful information about the market;
  • free download for Android.
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