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My Morrisons is an Android application offering a loyalty program for customers of the supermarket chain based in the United Kingdom. This tech delivers personalized coupons you can scan at the cashiers to deduct and save.
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Customers of online and in store Morrisons supermarkets can enjoy money discounts during their purchasing. Also, members may redeem collected points in the loyalty club for various products. Clients regularly receive personalized digital coupons with pounds off the value of the shopping cart.
It is possible to instantly activate virtual deals by scanning the digital card at the point of sale cashier checkout. Additionally, you may subscribe to the neighborhood store events schedule or access assistance services. For even more benefits and exclusive treats, there are clubs about teachers, NHS workers, Christmas celebrations and others.
If you want to receive deals and offers directly in the shopping utility, you can try the app of the famous UK supermarket Tesco Groceries.

  • instant activation and redeeming of special promotions;
  • store events schedule and sales alerts;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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