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Microsoft OneDrive is an application for Android that gives you the opportunity to keep all your files in safe online storage.

How it works
You need to own a Microsoft account to get access to this app. Once you have logged in, all your data is synchronized with the cloud storage.
The application provides you with the opportunity to back up photos that you take with the camera of your phone. It allows you to clear space in the internal memory of your mobile device. It is also possible to browse the gallery at any moment and find images from older days.
Moreover, you have the ability to save various documents to the storage. There is the opportunity to create a text file with the help of Microsoft Word and upload it.
The app allows users to arrange their fails by deleting or moving them. It is also possible to create new folders in order to manage data in the way you need.
You have the ability to share documents from Microsoft OneDrive with other users as well. You only need to send a link to them.

  • provides you with the ability to save various files to the special storage;
  • it is possible to back up all your photos;
  • there is the opportunity to share documents with other users;
  • free download for Android.
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